Incentives for referrals of Natasha S.

Thinking of joining Superpoints? Here is an added incentive! For a period of 30 days after you join, I will send money to your paypal account for points earned on Superpoints! You get rewarded from superpoints AND me!! Read all about the new promotion, then scroll down the rest of the blog for Superpoints tips and pointers!!

How does it work?

First you must be my referral. Comment here with your user name, and day you joined. Please leave some way for my to contact you (it can be an email address on your blogger profile, in your comment - ie: myemail (at) provide (dot) com, etc...)

I will verify that you are a new referral, and have basic member status. This promotion is only open to new referrals, joining on or after March 30, 2012.

For the next 30 days, for every 20 points you earn through the Superlucky button, I will send you $0.10 USD to your paypal account. You make money from Superpoints AND me!!

Amount paid will be rounded down to the nearest 20 points earned for payment calculation

These points MUST be earned through the Superlucky button (and yes, it will show on your profile the exact amount earned). Offers, videos, surveys, or any other means of earning Superpoints do not apply to the final total you will receive.

Final determination of payment to be made by myself.

You MUST have a paypal address where you can receive the funds.

Funds will be deposited to the paypal account of your choosing, within seven (7) days of the end of the 30 day Superpoints accumulation period.

Questions? Please feel free to ask!!

My referral link:

Signing up from, and need a token? Please use Invitetoken


  1. I think you guys are responsible for recent superpoints changes. This was not acceptable which you did. Shame on you!

    1. Lol!! Seriously? I'd love for you to post an argument about that instead of vague accusations. How on earth do you justify that train of thought??? Shame on you for posting annonymous accusations with no back up whatsoever supporting your "thesis"

      By the way, here are my reasons for the changes:

      Their model wasn't realistic for long term viability. Unlimited referral matched points is not feasible in the long term, although it did help them to very quickly build their brand. Once they had enough exposure, they knew it had to be changed.

      They had to change their amazon vs. paypal structure. Why? PayPal charges them fees, amazon does not. It costs SP more to send PayPal, thus eventually it had to make redeeming for PayPal more than redeeming for amazon. That's also why it's "cheaper" to redeem for larger PayPal rewards.

    2. ...con't....

      They also had to start charging more for rewards for the same reasons as stated above.

      Now, on to why I think you're STUPID (and notice I'm not posting it anonymously, lol)

      1) Superpoints makes money off of new users. That's what my blog supports - creating new users. Why? New users often sign up, complete a few offers, maybe stay active for a couple weeks, then quit - often without EVER cashing out

    3. Are you a long term user that doesn't refer people, and just clicks on the button every day? Guess what! You're the reason Superpoints had to change. They make VERY little from someone who religiously clicks the button & does little else. Your button clicks benefit you, and the person you signed up under, but not superpoints. So every time you visited to click they got: one page view to help their stats, and... Not a whole lot else. YOU cost them money.

  2. So in closing (not that I'm out of arguments and points, I've just become bored with your ignorance), annonymous poster, if you were one of the people that visited Superpoints to click the button daily, but never referred new people and never did many offers, then it is YOU who should be ashamed of yourself, because ultimately it is YOU that SP had to change to accommodate. Thanks for the laughs though - between you and YouTube channels for stupid pet tricks my funny bone is satisfied for the day.

  3. I feel like I've started winning less lately on the Superlucky button! Don't you?
    And what do you of the Gifthulk's Treasure box, it's basically the same feature? Better? Worse?

  4. This really just helps you, but does not give us referrals. I tried multiple different ways to get friends, and it is just impossible. You basically have to bribe someone like this article. I guess since I already have an account with no friends you can't help me. So you are no help.

  5. Did you post on facebook? Have you talked to friends about super points? I suggested using twitter - did you try that? Have you posted your referral link and story on forums that you might be a member of? Have you asked close family members?

    Also, my blog wasn't dedicated to finding other people referrals - it was made to explain super points to those just starting. It was a beginners guide, not a magic "do this for 1000 referrals" guide. If you think this is an effective way to get referrals, please make your own blog, doing the exact same thing. Blogspot is free.

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