Superpoints Member Levels

If you're going to join Superpoints, it's important to pay attention to the different member levels.

When you first sign up, your designated level is "none." As the name implies, this is NOT GOOD. This means you only get 5 spins per day on the Superlucky button, and you will not receive the opportunity to do surveys for points. Most importantly, you are unable to redeem for any prizes. Luckily, getting to "basic" member status is easy, really easy, and you need to do it ASAP!

"Basic" member status. This is your first goal on Superpoints, and it's an easy one. All you need to do is verify your email address (they will send you a confirmation email - just click on it, and you're done!) and fill out your basic profile information. Easy! And for little effort you are rewarded with 30 Superlucky button spins a day - a huge improvement over the 5 you started with. And you are now eligible to receive surveys, although you will be pretty low on the survey totem pole, you will still get some. Now that I think about it, I probably received just as many when I was a basic member as I do now...hmmm... Anyways, what's really important is you can now redeem for prizes!! You will need 2,500 points to do so, but this is definitely not impossible, and depending on how active you are on the site, you may be able to redeem quite quickly. One of my friends managed to redeem for her first $25 Amazon gift certificate with 2 days of joining!!

"Gold" member status. Moving up in the ranks is never a bad thing. To get here you need to refer 2 of your friends and have them reach basic membership status. Do this as soon as you can! Ask your family (they can't live in the same household - only one account per household, or you will lose them all). I recruited my sister and my dad for my first two friends. I promised them there was absolutely no commitment from them, and it would really help me out (and didn't have to lie about either of those 2 facts!). I also told them that if they kept up with it, and only did the most basic aspects of Superpoints (emails and the Superlucky button) then they would end up with about $100 extra dollars in their pocket at the end of the year - how can that possibly be a bad thing?!?? You also need to complete your advanced profile and upload a profile pic. Once you reach "gold" status, you will enjoy 50 spins a day on the Superlucky button, get points when your friends take surveys, be able to redeem at 1000 points, and most importantly, you get matched points when your friends win on the Superlucky button: You win what they win!! So, get on it, and refer 2 people!!

"Platinum" member status. The major bonus of platinum member status is 100 superlucky button spins per day. You also get to redeem at 500 points, will receive a bonus of 1 point on your first superlucky button spin of the day, and are now considered "high priority" for surveys. Definitely not as large an incentive to reach platinum status as there was to reach gold status, but more points are never a bad thing. To do this, all you need to recruit are 5 friends to the basic membership level. Trust me, after you reach gold status, the recruiting will start to come naturally.

Be sure to read my post on recruiting tips if you need ideas!

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