The Do's and Don'ts of Superpoints


* Be over 18 years old
* Live in the US, Canada, or the UK
* Log in frequently! Your account can be deemed inactive and closed after 30 days if you don't.


* Spam your Superpoints invite codes in unsolicited emails
* Report any Superpoints mail as "junk" or "spam." If you do not wish to receive mail, simply visit the "settings" section of your account, and adjust the Communications Preferences.
* Open more than one account. There is a limit of one account per person and per household.
* Provide false information to Superpoints. False sounding names (ie: No N., Anon N., and any other name sounding suspicious) are often reported as they show up on the list of current winners.
* Provide false information to Superpoints' partners. If you're completing an offer, be sure to be truthful.

Superpoints Invite Tokens: 

Invite Token

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