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Thinking of joining Superpoints? Here is an added incentive! For a period of 30 days after you join, I will send money to your paypal account for points earned on Superpoints! You get rewarded from superpoints AND me!! Read all about the new promotion, then scroll down the rest of the blog for Superpoints tips and pointers!!

How does it work?

First you must be my referral. Comment here with your user name, and day you joined. Please leave some way for my to contact you (it can be an email address on your blogger profile, in your comment - ie: myemail (at) provide (dot) com, etc...)

I will verify that you are a new referral, and have basic member status. This promotion is only open to new referrals, joining on or after March 30, 2012.

For the next 30 days, for every 20 points you earn through the Superlucky button, I will send you $0.10 USD to your paypal account. You make money from Superpoints AND me!!

Amount paid will be rounded down to the nearest 20 points earned for payment calculation

These points MUST be earned through the Superlucky button (and yes, it will show on your profile the exact amount earned). Offers, videos, surveys, or any other means of earning Superpoints do not apply to the final total you will receive.

Final determination of payment to be made by myself.

You MUST have a paypal address where you can receive the funds.

Funds will be deposited to the paypal account of your choosing, within seven (7) days of the end of the 30 day Superpoints accumulation period.

Questions? Please feel free to ask!!

My referral link:

Signing up from, and need a token? Please use Invitetoken

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What is Superpoints?
Superpoints is a referral only website that allows you the opportunity to earn points that you can cash in for Gift Cards, Electronics, and even Paypal cash!! If you're anxious to join, first things first, here is a list of superpoints invite tokens.

But PLEASE be sure to scroll down and read the rest of the blog for tips on how you can maximize your Superpoints earnings!!!
Learn about the importance of achieving basic member status (and beyond): HERE
Read about the Superlucky Button: HERE

See Superpoints on ABC

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(The invite token itself is: Invitetoken)

The Superlucky Button

When you first start with Superpoints, it's easy to look at the small returns, and want to give up. I did! In fact, a week after I first joined, I only clicked on emails occasionally, and never bothered with the Superlucky button. This was a MISTAKE. A huge mistake.

Don't be dissuaded by small wins. 1 - 10 points still add up! And consider them the consolation prize for the big wins that are ahead of you. With one click on the Superlucky button I won 300 points!! And with that 300 points came a referral worth not only 300 points to the person who used it, but to me as well!!! Superpoints was kind enough to give me HUGE incentive for someone to use my referral link, and I was rewarded when they joined. With that one click, I was able to earn 600 points! That's the equivalent of $6.00!

The key is persistence! Be sure to maximize your clicks on the Superlucky button every day. The more often you click, the greater the odds that you will be one of the people winning the larger prizes. The maximum you can win with one click is 300 points - not bad at all! And remember, every win over 25 points gives you a referral link that is worth that as a bonus if someone signs up under you with that link! Also, remember to increase your member level whenever possible to increase your total number of clicks.

The message: Don't let small wins stop you!! One larger win can make up for a week of smaller ones. KEEP CLICKING!!

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Superpoints Redemtion - Awesome Rewards!!

Don't like waiting long for rewards? Me either! I use many "point programs" to supplement my at home online earnings, and Superpoints gets high ratings for reward turn-around times. I've waited for over a month to receive a reward from Irazoo (free is free though, so waits don't discourage me, but that doesn't mean I like them, lol), with Superpoints the wait is usually less than a week! They usually pay out rewards on Monday or Tuesday, with extreme reliability. (Of course if you redeem for electronics, you will have to wait for shipping - but to me Paypal is king!).

What I love about Superpoints is that I can redeem for Paypal rewards at the same point ratio as I can redeem for Gift Cards (or any other gift certificates for that matter). 1 Point = 1 Penny. Simple! Although Superpoints is like Swagbucks in that you can exchange your points for gift cards and other merchandise, if you're familiar with Swagbucks, you know that as the value of the gift cards increases, the point to reward ratio increases (ie: they're charging you more!!!), and you have to "pay" more if you want to redeem for Paypal vs. Amazon or other rewards. Not so with Superpoints! If you want a $5 gift card, it costs 500 points. If you want a $10 gift card, it costs 1000 points, and so on. The same point values apply to PayPal $5 = 500 points, etc. Don't get me wrong, Swagbucks is a great way to supplement your online income, but I prefer the reward structure of Superpoints, and also appreciate the fast reward payouts.

Remember to register your Superpoints account with the email associated with your Paypal account if you plan on cashing out for Paypal rewards! Gift cards are also sent to your registered email address.

You'll find a wide range or rewards to choose from. I'm biased and stick to the Paypal option, but there is always a wide range of popular gift cards and electronics. Also, the site is Canadian friendly, so if you're from Canada, along with the gift cards you'll also find gift cards as an option for redemption. A small example of their offerings:

Invite Token

Superpoints Member Levels

If you're going to join Superpoints, it's important to pay attention to the different member levels.

When you first sign up, your designated level is "none." As the name implies, this is NOT GOOD. This means you only get 5 spins per day on the Superlucky button, and you will not receive the opportunity to do surveys for points. Most importantly, you are unable to redeem for any prizes. Luckily, getting to "basic" member status is easy, really easy, and you need to do it ASAP!

"Basic" member status. This is your first goal on Superpoints, and it's an easy one. All you need to do is verify your email address (they will send you a confirmation email - just click on it, and you're done!) and fill out your basic profile information. Easy! And for little effort you are rewarded with 30 Superlucky button spins a day - a huge improvement over the 5 you started with. And you are now eligible to receive surveys, although you will be pretty low on the survey totem pole, you will still get some. Now that I think about it, I probably received just as many when I was a basic member as I do now...hmmm... Anyways, what's really important is you can now redeem for prizes!! You will need 2,500 points to do so, but this is definitely not impossible, and depending on how active you are on the site, you may be able to redeem quite quickly. One of my friends managed to redeem for her first $25 Amazon gift certificate with 2 days of joining!!

"Gold" member status. Moving up in the ranks is never a bad thing. To get here you need to refer 2 of your friends and have them reach basic membership status. Do this as soon as you can! Ask your family (they can't live in the same household - only one account per household, or you will lose them all). I recruited my sister and my dad for my first two friends. I promised them there was absolutely no commitment from them, and it would really help me out (and didn't have to lie about either of those 2 facts!). I also told them that if they kept up with it, and only did the most basic aspects of Superpoints (emails and the Superlucky button) then they would end up with about $100 extra dollars in their pocket at the end of the year - how can that possibly be a bad thing?!?? You also need to complete your advanced profile and upload a profile pic. Once you reach "gold" status, you will enjoy 50 spins a day on the Superlucky button, get points when your friends take surveys, be able to redeem at 1000 points, and most importantly, you get matched points when your friends win on the Superlucky button: You win what they win!! So, get on it, and refer 2 people!!

"Platinum" member status. The major bonus of platinum member status is 100 superlucky button spins per day. You also get to redeem at 500 points, will receive a bonus of 1 point on your first superlucky button spin of the day, and are now considered "high priority" for surveys. Definitely not as large an incentive to reach platinum status as there was to reach gold status, but more points are never a bad thing. To do this, all you need to recruit are 5 friends to the basic membership level. Trust me, after you reach gold status, the recruiting will start to come naturally.

Be sure to read my post on recruiting tips if you need ideas!

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Recruiting Friends

How can you gain more referrals (known as friends)? Here are some tips:

Just want to reach gold status for more spins and lower redemption limits? Ask family members (who do NOT live in the same household) to join. They do not need to participate any further than gaining a basic member status - if they choose to, tell them they can forget about the site after that! Also, make sure that they do not sign up using your computer, please have them do it from their homes so your account does not get revoked for suspicious activity.

For more active recruiting with gaining many friends in mind -

The easiest people to recruit to join Superpoints are people who are your actual friends. Simply tell them how much you're enjoying Superpoints, and the fun potential to earn a little extra spending money (or a lot - depending on how motivated and serious about it they become). They'll need a referral link to sign up, because Superpoints is exclusive in that it is mandatory to sign-up with a one, so why not use yours? Be honest, and explain the benefits as well as potential drawbacks. If you promise them inflated rewards in a short amount of time, they'll be disappointed and soon less active. It's a negative scenario for both you and the person you are referring, so stick to the facts and offer encouragement!

Facebook is an excellent resource to gain Superpoints friends. It's very easy to post your big wins, and when you redeem for a prize. Post positive stories, and include a referral link! The more positive attention you draw to Superpoints, the more your friends will be interested in joining you.

Do you have a blog? Then it's a "no brainer." Tell your followers about Superpoints! Make sure to provide up to date referral links, and help them along the way with hints and tips.

Visit the Superpoints Facebook page - there is a discussion page designated for you to add your referral links! Post away, but just be sure not to do it on the main wall, that is a definite no no.

Do you have twitter? It's an excellent format to post your wins and your referral links. Include the Superpoints Twitter page (@superpoints) and you might snag a retweet! The more ways you can get your links out there, the better.

Be sure to always supply people with working referral links! They expire once they are used or after 7 days, whichever happens first.

To create an invite token visit the friends menu at the top of any Superpoints page, and choose "Invite"

Next you have the following options:
Email people in your contact list
Create an Invite Token (a referral link that will work for 7 days, or until used)
and Check the status of your Invites (you may also create tokens from here) - use this link to make sure that you're sharing current referral links with your friends.

Find the option that suits you the best, and start recruiting!

The more people you can recruit, the faster you can redeem for rewards - once you reach Gold level member status, when your friends win, you win as well.

Happy recruiting!!

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More Ways to Earn Superpoints!

You've already looked at increasing your member rank, getting referrals, and the SuperLucky Button. Now let's explore other easy (and some not so easy) ways to up your points balance!

A daily visit to the "Watch Videos" section in the "Get Points" drop down menu is a must for easy points! Many videos allow you to watch them and receive credits for them numerous times. And then you will be able to repeat that process every day! Often the videos will open in a new tab or window, allowing you to click through many at once. don't have to watch the whole video to get credit! 

Next, check out what's available for videos under the "Complete Offers" section in the "Get Points" drop down menu. If you're familiar with other points sites, like Swagbucks, you've seen the offers section before. The Matomy offers tab conveniently has a spot for all their available videos. Once you've watched a video, click the tab again to see if the video re-appears, often you can get credit for the same video many times. As with above, watching the full video is not always necessary!

Now for the rest of the tasks! These get a little more involved, and to be honest, I rarely complete them. Many of the easier ones require downloads, and as I'm more often than not on a computer that I also need to operate our at home business, I don't dare to install anything that isn't a trusted program. I'm not saying that all the programs are infected with spyware or viruses, but message boards from many of the point programs have reports of some of the items being infected. Of course if you're not concerned, and your material is backed up and your anti-virus current, feel free to take advantage of a ton of points! Browse through the different offer tabs, and find the "free" point offers - most will involve some sort of download.

If you look at the snapshot of the Matomy section above, you'll see a section labeled "Tasks." These are just that - you will be asked to compare search results, view pictures, and any wide variety of similar jobs. They will let you know what the task is up front, and how many points you will receive if you complete it. Just remember that they throw in questions to which they know the answer, for quality control. If you get too many of these wrong, you do not get to complete the task, and you do not get any points. So do not think that you can randomly click and answer through these tasks - you must actually read and participate. I use these for a time killer when I can't sleep at night!

Next are the "with purchase" offers. Browse through the tabs and see what's available. I wanted to try Netflix, and because I look through the tabs regularly, knew that I could receive Superpoints for signing up through a link in the offers section. If you're going to make a purchase anyways, there's definitely no harm in receiving a little money back for doing it!!! Just be sure that you compare all the tabs - often Trialpay and RadiumOne will have an offer for the same task, but be paying two different amounts. Make sure you click through the link that pays the most!

Lastly you will find offers that are free, but require you to sign up for a "trial offer." If you participate in these, and do not want to keep the service (trust me, usually you don't!) be sure to cancel as soon as you can (wait for the points to be credited first, lol)!! They usually require you to supply a credit card, and if you do not cancel, you will be charged. Sounds simple, but canceling is often a lengthy process that must be done over the phone. Then, it is important that you keep a record of exactly when you canceled and check your credit cards, so you can immediately dispute any charges, if they occur. Get the name of the representative that you spoke with. I've never had a problem with charges, but after I was on the phone for half an hour trying to cancel an online faxing service, I shy away from these offers - many people still do them however, and earn a great deal of points doing so!

Happy Earning!!

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