Superpoints Redemtion - Awesome Rewards!!

Don't like waiting long for rewards? Me either! I use many "point programs" to supplement my at home online earnings, and Superpoints gets high ratings for reward turn-around times. I've waited for over a month to receive a reward from Irazoo (free is free though, so waits don't discourage me, but that doesn't mean I like them, lol), with Superpoints the wait is usually less than a week! They usually pay out rewards on Monday or Tuesday, with extreme reliability. (Of course if you redeem for electronics, you will have to wait for shipping - but to me Paypal is king!).

What I love about Superpoints is that I can redeem for Paypal rewards at the same point ratio as I can redeem for Gift Cards (or any other gift certificates for that matter). 1 Point = 1 Penny. Simple! Although Superpoints is like Swagbucks in that you can exchange your points for gift cards and other merchandise, if you're familiar with Swagbucks, you know that as the value of the gift cards increases, the point to reward ratio increases (ie: they're charging you more!!!), and you have to "pay" more if you want to redeem for Paypal vs. Amazon or other rewards. Not so with Superpoints! If you want a $5 gift card, it costs 500 points. If you want a $10 gift card, it costs 1000 points, and so on. The same point values apply to PayPal $5 = 500 points, etc. Don't get me wrong, Swagbucks is a great way to supplement your online income, but I prefer the reward structure of Superpoints, and also appreciate the fast reward payouts.

Remember to register your Superpoints account with the email associated with your Paypal account if you plan on cashing out for Paypal rewards! Gift cards are also sent to your registered email address.

You'll find a wide range or rewards to choose from. I'm biased and stick to the Paypal option, but there is always a wide range of popular gift cards and electronics. Also, the site is Canadian friendly, so if you're from Canada, along with the gift cards you'll also find gift cards as an option for redemption. A small example of their offerings:

Invite Token


  1. thanks i just ordered a 10 dollar Paypal and didn't know what to do afterwards. good thing i have the same email for Paypal as i do on superpoints!

    1. No problem! As long as you redeem before Sunday night, your reward should arrive the very next Monday/Tuesday =) That is if it's an electronic like amazon/PayPal. Rewards like iTunes cards, etc are shipped to your physical address.

  2. Swag Bucks is an high paying get-paid-to site.