The Superlucky Button

When you first start with Superpoints, it's easy to look at the small returns, and want to give up. I did! In fact, a week after I first joined, I only clicked on emails occasionally, and never bothered with the Superlucky button. This was a MISTAKE. A huge mistake.

Don't be dissuaded by small wins. 1 - 10 points still add up! And consider them the consolation prize for the big wins that are ahead of you. With one click on the Superlucky button I won 300 points!! And with that 300 points came a referral worth not only 300 points to the person who used it, but to me as well!!! Superpoints was kind enough to give me HUGE incentive for someone to use my referral link, and I was rewarded when they joined. With that one click, I was able to earn 600 points! That's the equivalent of $6.00!

The key is persistence! Be sure to maximize your clicks on the Superlucky button every day. The more often you click, the greater the odds that you will be one of the people winning the larger prizes. The maximum you can win with one click is 300 points - not bad at all! And remember, every win over 25 points gives you a referral link that is worth that as a bonus if someone signs up under you with that link! Also, remember to increase your member level whenever possible to increase your total number of clicks.

The message: Don't let small wins stop you!! One larger win can make up for a week of smaller ones. KEEP CLICKING!!

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  1. Do you think that the time of day that you play the SuperButton makes a difference in how many points you're likely to win? Like, in the middle of the night when there aren't as many players?