Recruiting Friends

How can you gain more referrals (known as friends)? Here are some tips:

Just want to reach gold status for more spins and lower redemption limits? Ask family members (who do NOT live in the same household) to join. They do not need to participate any further than gaining a basic member status - if they choose to, tell them they can forget about the site after that! Also, make sure that they do not sign up using your computer, please have them do it from their homes so your account does not get revoked for suspicious activity.

For more active recruiting with gaining many friends in mind -

The easiest people to recruit to join Superpoints are people who are your actual friends. Simply tell them how much you're enjoying Superpoints, and the fun potential to earn a little extra spending money (or a lot - depending on how motivated and serious about it they become). They'll need a referral link to sign up, because Superpoints is exclusive in that it is mandatory to sign-up with a one, so why not use yours? Be honest, and explain the benefits as well as potential drawbacks. If you promise them inflated rewards in a short amount of time, they'll be disappointed and soon less active. It's a negative scenario for both you and the person you are referring, so stick to the facts and offer encouragement!

Facebook is an excellent resource to gain Superpoints friends. It's very easy to post your big wins, and when you redeem for a prize. Post positive stories, and include a referral link! The more positive attention you draw to Superpoints, the more your friends will be interested in joining you.

Do you have a blog? Then it's a "no brainer." Tell your followers about Superpoints! Make sure to provide up to date referral links, and help them along the way with hints and tips.

Visit the Superpoints Facebook page - there is a discussion page designated for you to add your referral links! Post away, but just be sure not to do it on the main wall, that is a definite no no.

Do you have twitter? It's an excellent format to post your wins and your referral links. Include the Superpoints Twitter page (@superpoints) and you might snag a retweet! The more ways you can get your links out there, the better.

Be sure to always supply people with working referral links! They expire once they are used or after 7 days, whichever happens first.

To create an invite token visit the friends menu at the top of any Superpoints page, and choose "Invite"

Next you have the following options:
Email people in your contact list
Create an Invite Token (a referral link that will work for 7 days, or until used)
and Check the status of your Invites (you may also create tokens from here) - use this link to make sure that you're sharing current referral links with your friends.

Find the option that suits you the best, and start recruiting!

The more people you can recruit, the faster you can redeem for rewards - once you reach Gold level member status, when your friends win, you win as well.

Happy recruiting!!

Invite Token

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